Who got the title of ‘most beautiful woman in the world’: nobody anticipated it

Bella Hadid received many benefits from being named ‘the most beautiful woman’ but she also experienced disadvantages.

Every year, dozens or even hundreds of beauty pageants take place all over the world. Their winners, however, are not regarded as ideal beauties.

At least in accordance with the ‘golden section’ hypothesis. It features characters that have the ideal physique and face proportions.

Thanks to the renowned plastic surgeon, the golden ratio has once more become well-known.

With the use of contemporary technology and analysis of images of various famous ladies, the expert supported her theory and declared Bella Hadid to be the most attractive of them all.

Additionally, in 2016, before Bella became so well-known, Amber Heard had the title of ‘the most beautiful woman in the world.

However, some individuals believe it is unfair. This is due to the model’s appearance appearing overly artificial.

The model asserts that she only underwent rhinoplasty once, and that too at the age of 14!

However, internet users think she has severely altered her appearance and misses the mark of the ideal natural beauty. What do you think? Does she deserve the title?

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