What a touching story: Reunion of a woman with the nurse who helped her live 38 years ago

Amy was admitted to the hospital as soon as she became three months old. This image was published in 1977 and soon rose to fame.

In the picture, a young nurse named Julia is seen holding Amy just after the procedure. Julia remembers that she had just started her job at this facility.

And the infant almost became his first patient. In any case, the girl was surprised because the kid behaved well and didn’t even sleep.

They were photographed as the nurse continued to speak with the patient while holding her in her arms.

In addition to my parents’ support, this lovingly photograph has always been there for me.

Unknown mother hugs me in her arms with a tenderness that not everyone possesses toward her child.

I frequently experienced tough moments, but every time I did, I could always find the courage to smile again by looking at our photo.

Amy has been seeking for Julia for a long time, so when she posted a call to action on social media, she was fortunate.

Julia was discovered almost immediately after her article was reposted by hundreds of people, and the two women eventually met two weeks later.

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