What a big surprise: The lovely couple was expecting a son, but we had four instead

Up until recently, Violet and Sam were the most typical family. They raised two lovely daughters, but their one and only want was to have a son.

How delighted they were when Violet delivered for a third time. The couple eagerly anticipated hearing the doctor announce the baby’s gender during the scan.

However, they heard a slightly different statement during the exam. Couple was told by the doctor that they were having twins.

The doctor shared another piece of news as the soon-to-be parents were there: he also saw the third baby.

The couple adjusted to the concept that they would soon have a large family at this time.

What a surprise it was to learn that Violet was carrying four babies under her heart at the reception a week later!

The four newborns were all in excellent health.

Six children are now born to Violet and Sam. Grandmothers came to assist them, happily taking on some of the job.

And the boys are already three months old at this time.

Isn’t this amazing? What would you do if you were the mother/father?

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