The oldest individual in the world turns 119: This is just amazing

The oIdest person on Earth’s age is continuously updated by the World Records.

The oldest in the world, passed in the Philippines in November of last year at the age of 125.

She is a Japanese woman who also resides there. Kazuha is her name.

The birthdate of Mrs. Kazuha is January 2, 1903. She was the seventh child out of eight.

By Japanese norms at the time, the girl’s life was utterly routine. She wed her own cousin in 1922.

Kazuha’s four children were born to the girl, and the family also adopted a daughter.

She spent her entire life working in the family business, which served food.

The woman, who celebrated her birthday on January 2, is unsure of the key to her longevity.

In a previous interview, the Japanese woman acknowledged that she is likely kept going by her family, her hope, her healthy sleep habits, and her food.

She enjoys talking about her visits to America, where she saw her nieces and nephews, and writing poems.

She also enjoys calculations and calligraphy. She thinks it helps her maintain her health. She hopes to remain for at least five more years.

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