The consequences of being underweight: observe the transformation of the 23-kg girl

Many females desire to look as good as models do in glossy magazines, if not better.

These girls appear to have perfect features, a smile, and gorgeous hair.

The only thing left is a flawless physique. They believe that all they need to do is lose weight.

Food amounts are first decreased, and subsequently they transition to drinking only water.

Xia experienced a similar situation when she decided to continue losing weight. And she went beyond all boundaries in her quest to fulfill the ‘ideal.’

The girl lost weight quickly ten years ago and started to resemble a walking skeleton rather than a model. She sought assistance from a TV program.

She was only 23 kg and had a height of 158 cm. Characteristic is the girl’s desire to become a model despite her weight being very normal (48 kg).

The girl initially just reduced the amount of portions and restricted herself to a few goods.

Fortunately, with the help of the experts, they were able to restore Xia’s appearance to that of health.

After ten years, the girl put on weight and became substantially attractive. Xia’s story came to a successful conclusion, and she resumed her usual life.

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