The boy, now 11, who learned to knit when he was 5 years old is now well-known for his skill

A family from the United States adopted a boy named Jay. He is now thirteen years old.

Additionally, he is well-known for his very cool knitting.

More than 250 000 people have already followed his adorable knitted items on Instagram, where he posts pictures of them.

Jenna revealed to reporters that her son knits at night and early in the morning. He is not reprimanded, but rather encouraged in every way to pursue such a hobby.

The young talent received a number of orders as a result of the media’s interest in Jay and its articles about him.

Jay’s mother claims that their number occasionally exceeded 3,000.

The majority, of course, had to be turned down by the boy’s family.

Because he also enjoys knitting, participates in a variety of school activities, and does exceptionally well in his studies.

When journalists asked Jay what he wanted to be when he got to school, the boy surprised everyone with how serious he said it.

He wants to become a doctor so that he can help people.

It remains to be hoped that not only will the world soon see a skilled knitter but also a skilled doctor!

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