Northern Irish women got a little carried away and knitted their own village

Maya, a woman, once had a brilliant idea to knit a model of her own house.

So why not? The woman enjoys knitting, so she took on this unusual endeavor.

But that was just the start. Maya proudly displayed the finished house (she belongs to a knitting circle) to her pals.

Following that, the women decided to go even further and knit the entire hamlet in which they live.

They met on Wednesdays and gradually realized their unconventional idea.

The end result was just a complete plan of the city, complete with the post office, bars, and shops, as well as the old shirt factory and flax mill, around which the village evolved.

There’s also a playground and garden plots with cauliflower planted in them. Her spouse assisted the enthusiasts in raising funds to purchase fabrics and tools.

The village model is made of knitted cloth.

One and a half thousand people have already viewed this remarkable work of knitting art (with a village population of only 1 thousand).

The joyful authors of this artwork hope to raise £3,000 and donate the funds to a charitable organization.

We wish these wonderful ladies continued success in this worthy endeavor!

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