Miner went to the game with his son right after work: He didn’t even have time to get clean

A picture taken during the basketball team’s game recently went viral on social media.

A fan was shown in the picture with their young son. Dad didn’t even have time to wash himself after his shift at the mine, so he went to the game with his son.

He then rose to prominence on the Internet. The image was first shared by a fan.

If the head coach hadn’t reposted it, this photo might have gone unnoticed. He made it clear in the photo description what was going on.

It turned out that the man raced to the match as soon as he finished his shift at work.

He had every intention of attending the game with his son. he fan’s behavior impressed the coach, who offered him and his family VIP tickets to the next game.

The fan’s wife responded to the photo’s growing popularity. After losing access to her previous account, she even set up a new Twitter account.

The man was noticed and photographed due to his distinctive appearance.

People on the internet adored this touching tale about a man who, despite working hard, found time and energy to attend a basketball game with his son.

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