Meghan MarkIe was criticized for a completely inappropriate outfit at the Women of Vision Awards 2023

The royal family experts were right. They correctly identified why she did not want to appear at the coronation of Charles.

When it became known that MarkIe decided to ignore the invitation sent to her, it was suggested that she did not want to get lost in the celebrity crowds.

As a result of which, she would not have received too much attention. She arranged her arrival at the ceremony as almost a royal appearance.

And the attire in which she appeared left no chance that she would not be noticed.

The dazzlingly sparkling MarkIe was in gold from head to toe. Megan picked a dress of shiny gold brocade for this.

She had a gold purse in her hands, gold earrings, diamond bracelets set in the same precious metal on her hands.

Perhaps such an outfit would not have raised any objections if it had not been deemed completely inappropriate for this event.

It was not a Hollywood get-together, but the presentation of awards to those who distinguished themselves in the struggle for women’s rights. What do you think?

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