HiIary Duff observes four-year commitment commemoration with spouse.’ I’d say yes once more

With a sweet post on Thursday, the couple marked the four-year anniversary of their engagement.

Starting things off, the husband shared a photograph from the second they got ready for marriage.

He noticed the extraordinary event happened ‘quite a while back.’ ‘I would say yes again and again,’ The actress reshared the post.

After their commitment, the pair formally married that December. A source told at the time that the intimate ceremony took place at her house with ‘only family and close friends’ present.

They got married inside the house, and the ceremony started at sunset,’ the insider continued.

The gathering was in a white tent on the terrace.’ She revealed that she was expecting a child with the husband prior to their engagement.

That October, their daughter , now 4 years old, was born. The husband praised her parenting style this Mother’s Day.

Blissful Mother’s Day to my unique animal ,’ he wrote in a post. ‘ I am extremely fortunate to have witnessed you raise ours with your magical balance of truth and sparkle.

In an extra post, the husband jokes, ‘Presently everything that is being expressed … assuming you attempt to bring another canine into this family, I’m out.’

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