Friends were out for a walk when they came upon a structure in the shape of a shoe

The Researchers have discovered yet another attraction in the English countryside.

The original building, which resembled a big boot, was discovered in the wild close to a cliff.

For these reasons, the project members keep the coordinates of their discoveries a secret.

The author of the fairy tale poem ‘The tiny old woman who lived in a shoe,’ which dates to 1794, remains unknown.

It relates the tale of a mother who has a big family and houses them all in a shoe house.

The final line in particular has changed. Only the ‘boot’s’ front has been kept in good condition.

Researchers requested for assistance from Facebook users by posting a photo and requesting information about the house’s past.

It’s interesting to note that subscriber opinions vary. Some of the followers claim that a woman once resided here, in the 1950s.

Some claim that the starter home is really simply a piece of a theme park for kids. Both were accurate, the researchers discovered.

This house looks like something out of a fairy tale in which many would like to live.

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