Fans were surprised to see images of JLo wearing a distinctive wedding gown

JLo surprises with new images of her in a wedding dress and wavy curls. She got married a month ago. The couple had a grand gathering for relatives.

The actress changed her wedding clothes three times that day, but today’s photographs of her in an unclean gown stunned her followers.

It was revealed to be a picture taken on the set of a recent JLo film. 53-year-old actress is now filming an action-filled romantic comedy.

Movie’s creators have revealed the release date and shared a fresh set video with fans. The debut of the new JLo movie is scheduled for January 27, 2023.

The actress has frequently played the bride in wedding films. She has had four marriages and six engagements.

She will feature in the upcoming movie wearing a stunning wedding gown with an airy lace skirt, corset, and big sleeves.

Even so, things don’t go as planned for the wedding party. Newlyweds are willing to take every measure required to protect their friends and family.

The actress’ wedding dress would be changed during the very exciting sequences.

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