A woman sees a photo of a shelter dog with the saddest eyes and understands she must adopt her
Laura has three dogs already. But she realized there was room for one more in her home and in her heart. Her heart skipped a beat as she
The kitty dashes into a backyard in search of a snack, but instead finds himself in the ideal happy ever after
This little ginger cat was prowling the streets when it stopped in the yard of a local girl to eat. The cat had no idea that his fate
A shelter pit bull who was about to be adopted, refused to let go of her best companion.
Meryl, a three-year-old pit bull, and Tako, an eight-year-old pit bull, met at a shelter. They were both escorted there by their owners… Our heroes were inseparable from
The woman walks to the park and becomes friends with an inquisitive goose
Allison tried to stay active throughout the coronavirus outbreak by walking alone in the park. A huge gray goose approached her as she passed by a pond one
When the cat discovered that the dog was not okay, he quickly began to care for him
Elisa has never been a cat person, preferring canines. But, oddly, it was the purr who came to her home first! The white and black cat who appeared
It was pouring outside when she discovered joy in the face of a little cat
A little and adorable one-day-old cat was discovered creeping alone down a walkway after heavy rain. A kind-hearted woman took him in and replaced the mother he had
This image of a cat wearing shoes made from its own fur is going viral on the internet
No matter how much you clear, vacuum, and wipe, it appears that kitty hair never truly goes, no matter how much you try to get rid of it
Students sent lovely messages to sanctuary animals in order to encourage people to adopt them and it worked
Schoolchildren attempted to write from the perspective of dogs to try and convince people to adopt them. They wrote adorable stories and created drawings of the animals without
Delivery lady exits the car for a short period, then returns to find a cat in the front seat
It was a typical night that was about to take an unexpected turn for the lady driver. Laura was out late, delivering meals to a ravenous crowd suffering
Little duck is obsessed with his lover that is quite larger than him
This duck is one of Emma’s favorite ducks, so when she heard one had taken up residence at a nearby reservoir, she rushed to see him up close.