After being rescued, a dog with a condition has a new and joyful lifestyle
For stray animals, life on the street is challenging enough, and their position is worse when they are in a bad shape. So it was with Jacky, who
A shelter dog cares for a puppy with a rare condition and eventually becomes his mother
The information concerning puppies was given to a rescue organisation. They went out right away to save the puppies, bringing them food and water. While one of the
The tiny foal was left by his mother, but the dog will not leave him alone
A compassionate dog provides comfort to a foal. His mother passed only a few days after he was born. This incredible attachment between dog and foal astounded everyone
The family refuses to pay $20 for the lost dog, claiming that she is ‘not worth it’
Tika, a blind dog, was found in a Los Angeles back alley, plainly distressed by the experience of street life. He was saved by a dog rescue group,
A week later, the lost dog returned home on his own, requiring the owners’ care
Browy, a dog, went for a walk and then vanished. The owner, Sam, was distraught; he searched everywhere but couldn’t find him, and after several days of failed
The ginger cat had given up hope and sought assistance from strangers
A ginger cat came on the doorstep of one of the private residences, seemingly unwilling to leave. The owners were taken aback by this, but when they approached
Little tiger cubs miraculously found a caring doggy mother
A tigress birthed her beautiful cubs at one of the zoos, but she refused them right after they were born. Without care from their mother the cubs would
Little kid raises more than $2,000 to assist with taking care of animals at a local shelter
One day, Marie Coreia was conversing with her grandson about food drives. 8-year-old Konner quickly became inspired by whether something like this exists for animals. At that point,
Rescued lion says last farewell to his adored guardian angel following 20 years together
Jules from shelter deals with nine tigers, four lions, cougars, panthers, a bear, an ostrich and, surprisingly, a crocodile. There are likewise chimpanzees, monkeys and bunches of birds.
The donkey gives a big smile to the heros who recently saved him
The town of Killorglin in Ireland was washed away by water. Weighty precipitation made the neighborhood waterway flood. A donkey named Mikey was stuck directly in the center