By planting almost 2 million trees, a couple converted the desert into a paradise in 21 years

Samwell is a kindhearted person with a huge heart. He had previously resided in the state’s rainforest-filled heartland and enjoyed being outside.

He had to leave his village, nevertheless, for fate had worked in his favor.

Samwell was astonished to discover Rio upon his return home a few years later because he did not recognize it at all.

Since the trees have been gone, all that is left is desert. He had to witness every day, and it was hard for anyone to handle all of this.

The husband’s wife advised him to try to repair the forest after observing her husband, and the man agreed.

The group started to sow the first plants in December 1999, and that marked the start of a stunning change.

They revived nature by planting more than 300 different varieties of trees.

In order to restore the beauty of Brazil, the couple planted around 2 million trees slowly over the course of 21 years.

The new forest was home to many animals. That includes those who are going to disappear from sight. What a nice thing they are doing, right?

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