Before this waiter’s act of generosity, this 91 years old veteran was eating by himself

Waiters’ jobs are very demanding and challenging. Many of them enjoy meeting new people, but they just do not have the time to converse with visitors.

There are, however, exceptions. David is one of these notable exceptions. An old man was sitting at a table in a café one day.

David knelt in front of the old guy while taking the order. A woman named Lida was sitting next to this table, wondering about what was going on.

She was able to learn that the man was 91 years old and a veteran.

The young server asked the older man for approval to sit with him and talk when the food arrived.

The man happily concurred, and they had an intriguing talk for a while. He related tales from his military career.

Lida posted this article and the picture on social media. David’s deed inspired hundreds of compliments.

Users praised the young waiter’s thoughtful act and noted that even 10 minutes of conversation can mean a lot to seniors.

They praised the veteran and waiter as a wonderful team and asserted that a strong bond surely formed between them.

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