At the age of 6, they were recognized as the most beautiful twins in the world: what do they look like after 4 years?

Mila and Lia Davidsons, twins, were born in California on July 6, 2009.

For their parents, the girls were very beautiful because, as with any parents, they thought their kids were the best.

But it turns out that others shared their opinion as well.

They received numerous praises and admiring glances from nearby individuals, including total strangers.

However, the girls welcomed a child who was very gorgeous.

Kevin, their father, is a tall, athletic man with dark hair who previously taught swimming and even won prizes.

And the mother of the girls has stunning facial features and just otherworldly emerald eyes.

Everyone in the family, including friends and relatives, constantly advised parents to send their kids to a modeling agency.

She always responded that they will mature and make their own decisions because she wasn’t in a rush.

And my mother talked to Mila and Lia about a modeling career when they were 6 years old.

After all, girls are known for their artistic talent nearly from birth, and they like being the center of attention.

They now successfully participate in numerous productions and shows.

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