Another story that demonstrates a father’s unending love for his children

Peter is devoted to his children. They both had Down syndrome at birth. They spent a lot of time together and traveled a lot.

Peter had the brilliant idea of purchasing an old ice cream truck. After a few repairs, the retired teacher spent just over $6,000 on a car that was ready to go.

He gave his children jobs and taught them business and social skills.

Peter revealed that the family had sold more than 10,000 confections and planned to expand their enterprise in the future.

Dave and Miriam were the best workers because they were always happy.

They have also demonstrated that nothing is impossible by having a positive impact on other families with special needs.

Although Peter had no idea how others would react, he was confident that the ice cream truck would delight his children.

Their small business is supported and encouraged by the public. The family is committed to spreading awareness about people with special needs and believes that more people with special needs should be hired because they can do so much.

The touching story of Dave and Miriam has received a lot of attention.

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