An American boy sends a Christmas box to a girl, not realizing that it will forever change his life

Do you think in fate or miracles? Some people who identify as realists believe that we are the designers of our own lives.

But occasionally events take place that are hardly anything other than miracles or the hand of fate.

In 2000, American Taylor brought the Philippine Aurora a charity Christmas present.

They got married 14 years later. Taylor delivered some small items, his picture, and the unusual toys. It was a gift given to charity.

He was greatly appreciated by Aurora. She even replied by sending him a letter of gratitude, but it was never delivered.

Even as she became older, the kid kept thinking about the giver.

Through social media, she located the boy. Aurora sent a friend request on Facebook, but she didn’t hear back right away.

Nevertheless, Taylor granted the girl’s request, even though he did not personally know her. Communication among young people started.

Then a meeting took place in the actual world. Aurora recalls feeling a flutter in her chest at that very moment.

They came to the realization that their relationship had evolved beyond that of simple buddies. They were able to connect their fates by getting married.

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