After trying 16 times, a 48-year-old lady became a mother for the first time

Emily, an Englishwoman, had long dreamed about experiencing the joy of motherhood.

She watched with great satisfaction as happy moms strolled down the street with their children.

But her body seems to protest against this wonderful state.

The physicians started to convince the woman to accept the situation as is and adopt a kid, telling her that this was a peculiarity of her body and that they could do nothing to help.

However, Emily didn’t even consider giving up; instead, she insisted that the doctors carry out their duties.

She invested nearly 80,000 pounds (more than six million rubles) in all of her efforts, but she still managed to overcome nature and become pregnant at the age of 47.

As the pregnancy continued to develop, she was constantly under the care of doctors.

William was born because neither the doctors nor I could take any chances. The patient expresses her gratitude to her doctor, for supporting and being at her side during this time.

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