A moving video below shows a 98-year-old woman meeting her daughter for the first time after 80 years of separation

For her 98th birthday, Geraldine received the nicest and most memorable gift. And it’s all because of the persistence of Maria’s son and Geraldine’s grandson.

It comes out that he made the decision to locate his mother’s biological parents in order to settle some citizenship difficulties.

Maria continued to look for her parents as well, but her efforts were fruitless.

Geraldine’s adoptive parents kept her whereabouts a secret and claimed she had passed.

He was located after a successful search. He discovered his biological grandmother, who was residing in a Canadian nursing facility.

She was unable to look after a child because she was just 18 years old. Thus, she made the decision to place her daughter for adoption.

When Maria found out her mother was still there, she got tickets right away so she could attend her 98th birthday party.

After an emotional reunion, the mother and daughter were able to converse. They discovered they actually share a great deal in common.

When Geraldine finally got to meet her daughter, she was happy.

She thanked Maria and her grandson for providing her this priceless experience.

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